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Please let us know if you don't see what you need. We will be happy to work with you on any event.
Weddings 2018

Bridal Hair                                                                                                           150.00

Bridal Makeup                                        (includes airbrush and lashes)                              150.00

Bridal Party Hair                                                                                                     95.00

Bridal Party Makeup                           (includes airbrush and lashes)                                95.00

Blow Dry Only                                    (longer hair will incur an upcharge)                          75.00

                                                            *any irons taken to a blowdry are charge at full updo rate

                                               There is a 5 service minimum per stylist. 

We are excited to now offer Sunday pricing specials! Please inquire for more details!

Holiday weekends will be charged at the following rates:

Bridal Hair                                                                                                                                    175.00
Bridal Makeup                                                                                                                              175.00
Bridal Party Hair                                                                                                                            125.00
Bridal Party Makeup                                                                                                                      125.00

*some Holiday weekends may not include friday as an upcharge please inquire   

Trials are 100.00 per service and done 7 days per week by appointment at our beautiful Braintree of Bridgewater and soon to be Franklin studios. (mom's and bridal party trials if requested will be done at 75.00 per service) 

Travel Fees:
Boston is complimentary (parking is to be paid by the contracting party)
Much of the south shore is also complimentary, please inquire. 
Travel of 100 miles or more will require overnight accommodations

After the trial you have 7 days to complete your contract and non refundable deposit. Please understand we sell out dates very quickly so we must adhere to the 7 day rule or your date will not be held. We will contact you before the 7 days are up however. All deposits can be done online. 
Please inquire if you have any questions.